can't remember when to start playing world of Warcraft, just remember when is the era of the TBC. It is TBC times.

into the fast food

was playing games like play master. Including the romance and adventure island are playing the wizard.

of Warcraft is no exception.

then Warcraft started difficulty is very high; awkward angle; awkward button; more important is the awkward Task Tips (okay, I admit that I didn't know there are plugins this stuff), often in order to find a job to one point one South East left the West right North lower resolution map ah yes or no.

if it wasn't for Baidu I almost gave up on.

vaguely remember the original Hoge, should not have high play pass by fishing I feel I was to give up the game.

this fuck a task blame could kill a man. But TM wasn't the first two have..


and now Hoge beat soy sauce qualifications have been deprived. And it seems a lot of people don't know once you have in mind the existence of God that touch on lightly is solved with the.

then Ai Ze Lars can't fly, all tasks are all over the map to find.

on the horse

is the deepest impression in the Blaxill de basin (seems to be called the South China Sea town?). First experience the legend of the massacre (forgive me for not having seen the world),R4 DS.

a group of I have never seen a monster " ", and name and with special characters, so the South China Sea town across the.

I shipped back. A N (yes. Like A mobs is A off). I thought it was BOSS to the siege of.

until I saw someone shouted tribe massacred the channel in the world only know: Oh ~ so strange these " " is the legend of the tribe.

experienced a painful journey (fortunately ye can upgrade by A strange). Finally to Gadgetzan.

The first turning point...

just met my WOW career

because I met the first of the so-called " and team ".


",Nintendo 3DS; ZUL 4=1 DPS".

a strong team;

actually did not know that what.

calledThe LR M

until I asked if I would shout play I know ZUL originally refers to Zul farrak.DPS originally refers to the damage output (the old feel will make several capital letters are high-end game player -_, -


just so I knew that the original copy is the essence of Warcraft.

later because the job has no time to play, when the 4.1 met a friend. Is WOW senior game player. It experienced 45 time game player to I feel have no bottom..

he is the same.

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