The school, many students began to their new school term is equipped with the new computer. I believe that many students want to buy a iMac, but Apple's iMac price is as high as 8000 yuan, the price is high, many students are very difficult to bear. If we do it yourself installed it, absolutely not 8000 yuan can match a beyond apple iMac performance more than 2 times the computer. Below small make up to recommend a installation scheme, not only in the performance can surpass the apple iMac, but also with a strong performance quality cool to play commercially available to all the big game, very good value.Table

the apple iMac, just use 640M, playing the game is absolutely suck up.

this is Xiaobian recommended configuration table. Why would recommend these hardware for all of us, for everybody below one by one.

recommend reason: core i5 4570 chip with quad core processor super, there are three level function. Compared with the Intel core i5 3330S, performance beyond its 10%.

model: Intel i5 4570

product price: 1340 yuan

core i5-4570 native built in four physical cores, the default core is 3.2GHz, the highest frequency in 3.6GHz automatic Rui technology support, the core of high frequency can bring the speed of the data processing speed of response. In addition, the processor also uses the design does not lock, convenient game player overclocking. After the new upgrade to the Haswell architecture, the most obvious ascension is the built-in graphics processor core graphics performance upgrade, with performance comparable to the market in the low-end graphics card, the mainstream online games and 1080P movies to ensure smooth operation.

recommend reason: Standard C.Z87WF X5 V20 as the seven rainbow 8 series the pinnacle, the first to join the wireless WIFI and Bluetooth 3 technology, comprehensive open the new wireless era, and also a comprehensive upgrade in the work materials, in addition to join the high impedance MOS pipe, selected are plug-in, better stability.

model: seven rainbow flag C.Z87WF X5 V20

product price: 999 yuan

seven C.Z87WF X5 V20 Z87 with the rainbow flag, can support the new generation Haswell architecture CPU, provide a powerful guarantee for the platform upgrade.

seven C.Z87WF X5 V20 rainbow flag can support wireless WIFI and Bluetooth 3, use is also gives users a more personalized experience. In addition, the motherboard has a 3 slot,R4 Dsi, the same as Foxconn plug-in, excellent quality, solid work, strong stability,r4i gold, the user can choose to join a more robust performance independent graphics.

recommend reason: Lei Feng HD7850 Twin-2GD5 recently after the new upgrade, all > in performance, noise control, heat

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